Monthly Archives: February 2018

Inquiry – identity

Our Inquiry topic for this term is Identity. We’ll be looking at who we are as individuals, how our families shape us and learning new skills.

This week we drew a picture of what we want to be when we grow up. We then had some Grade 5/6 students help write how we can achieve our goal of what we want to be when we grow up.

Here are some aspirations from our class:

Fine motor skills!

We have been improving our fine motor skills in Prep A! We are improving how we can use the muscles in our hands and fingers to do very small and precise activities, such as beading or tracing. This will help us become better writers because we will be able to control our pencils better.

Here’s some fun we had practising these skills!

Reading is fun!

Home readers will be going home with our prep children soon. Reading should be an enjoyable activity where children are interested in their books, are pointing out what they know and learning new vocabulary.

We read the book, ‘Feathers for Phoebe’.

After reading the book together as a class, students were given a template of a bird and were able to design their own bird.

Here’s some of the results!

Play-based learning

In the early stages of a child’s learning, being a part of play-based learning is really important for their development.

While playing, children are improving their oral language – how to talk and communicate with others, as well as including new vocabulary they have learned into their conversations.

Children improve their social skills as well – how to share, take turns and how to solve a problem if it comes up.

Plus – it’s really fun too!